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assyria tv

Assyria TV offers diverse content through broad range of programs where everyone can find their favorite. Through high-quality live broadcasting and 24/7 streaming, it enriches different aspects of everyday life for millions of users. It is unbiased channel, engaged in all the issues affecting Assyrian society with ambition for collaboration among Assyrian community, also providing various of educational and entertainment programs.


lebo runner

Nowadays is necessary to be good in multitasking, but Rob is having trouble with it. He is in a great hurry, but can’t put his phone away. Can you help him overcome all the obstacles on his way to work, so he can get there safely and on time?


Tesla Museum

Welcome to the Tesla museum, where you can have a closer look into life and works of one of the world’s greatest scientists, Nikola Tesla, enjoying the delicious food from the restaurant within. Tesla application will introduce you with restaurant menu, and be your personal guide through the museum, enhanced by the latest technology of artificial intelligence.



VVP is your best learning companion! It is application providing numerous of questions and trial exams helpful for passing the "VBV"-exam. Applying the most effective techniques of studying within the best technology solutions, it can make this exam a piece of cake for you.


Matta AR

You are not sure whether the size or the color of the carpet will fit in? Forget about the tiring process of choosing, this innovative solution will ease shopping and make it an extraordinary enjoyable experience for you.


PADCOM Ticketsystem

No matter what kind of problem you're having, we have developed web application that will provide you the answer easier than ever. Choosing the category you need, you get in touch with the experts in that field in order for you to get the best solution in record time.