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You want to contribute to the future? Become a part of the team. We are always on lookout for new members.
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Quality over quantity

Group 31

We have a welcoming and collaborative team that nurtures diversities. In a working and competitive atmosphere great things are created-it is a base for improvement and success.


This is the place where your potential, once invested, has the opportunity to grow. You can be proud of the work here.


We face every challenge with the idea of improving the world. That’s why we are never lacking energy, optimism and eventually, success.

Open communication

Open communication starts with reciprocal respect. We value diversities, are open to new ideas, and ready to give and receive honest feedback.


Everything is easier when you have a partner who you can grow with, side by side. We are here to support and motivate each other.

Continuous learning

We aim for excellence and we are never tired of learning. In fact, we enjoy the path of continuous improving our skills and gaining knowledge.


Our individual differences are what make the whole team unique. We are always ready to welcome something new.

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LEBO crew consists of young and enthusiastic managers, developers and designers
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