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Custom web applications give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and we can help you use it the best way possible! Forget about the web pages you are used to, where users remain passive. Web development means interacting with your customers and latest technologies help us provide creative, unique solutions and tailor-made web applications for you.

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Web Development

We build web applications that help our clients solve their most complex business challenges. Providing the solutions that are easy to maintain and perform flawlessly in various devices your app can be wherever the users are.


Responsive Web Apps

Responsive Web Development

Accessibility (a11y)


CSS Animations

Data-Driven Documents (d3.js)


As the tools develop, we develop our skills in order to use them the best way possible. Our Web applications team has deep experience in many different development languages, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, php, lavarel and symphony. Expertise in their use guarantees advanced user experiences and our team will always help you make the choice that will let your idea reach its full potential.

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We provide solutions that are open and flexible, and are always ready for collaboration in order to find the perfect one.



Whether you are using the web app on your mobile or desktop, everything needs to be smooth in the hands of the user.


most modern

LEBO team never lacks motivation to learn new things. We are always willing to meet and implement the most modern technologies.



We do not compromise while providing the secure approach for our users. It is important for us that our users always feel safe, trust is what we value the most.

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