the work

Insurance intermediary exam is of extreme importance in Switzerland and helping prepare for it from mobile devices would greatly help the users in accomplishing their goals.

The challenge

Our solution needed to be intuitive and easy to use, but also created in such a way so the user attention is properly utilized for learning. This required a special care of all the details inside the developed application so that learning efficiency would be maximized.

the process

The main goals we set at the beginning of the project were to for the final product to be intuitive, memorable and beautiful to use while displaying a specialized content for learning. We worked hard at getting feedback from people trying to learn from the content and iterated until we were fully satisfied with the final solution.

Is a beautiful application for education that allows the users to answer single and multiple choice questions, yes-no questions and learn from the learning cards which are known to be improving learning by a great scale.

Learning cards allow the user to read the question, then get the answer and save the cards to the favorites in order to revisit them later on. Application allows the user to take mutliple tests similar to the real exam in order to get the proper evaluation of his or her knowledge.

the result

The application proved to be incredibly successful geting a 4.5+ star ratings from customers in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.