About us

In September 2016 our company was just an idea of two ambitious people and today, globally spread, it is a team of 14 experts in the field of informational technologies. Every project is a new challenge for us, and we have grown with each one of them. Hard work and commitment are, above all, what brought us to where we are today, and those are the values we will continue to nurture in the future.

Our clients

Our values

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We care about the atmosphere! Only a collaborating team in a pleasant atmosphere can solve the trickiest problems.

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Being passionate about what we do, we are completely dedicated and constantly ready to move forward and improve.

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We cultivate the diversity of ideas, interests and cultural backgrounds, and we believe the differences are what make our team unique.

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Only perfect is acceptable. Delivering our best in everything we do, we strive to provide the highest-quality service for our clients.

Our journey

Two Dreamers

In 2016 it was two dreamers who dared to make a big step.

16 February 2016
08 August 2016


We have met some amazing ambitious people around the world and let them inspire us. It is much better to work in a team!

Bigger Challenges

With bigger challenges came bigger responsibility and we never hesitated to take it on.

12 May 2017
12 September 2018

We are proud

We were proud of how our projects changed the world and improved users’ lives. That is what pushed us forward.

International Company

Today we are international company with 18 employers, ready to develop further. We are waiting for you to join us on this journey.

04 November 2018