Tesla Museum

the work

Tesla Museum is located in the inner center of Belgrade, on the bank of River Sava in Karađorđeva Street. This part of the city, known by as Savamala, is very rich in history and tradition. Tesla Museum with Restaurant has been inspired by Nikola Tesla, a great Serbian scientist, and represents a unique spot in Belgrade.

The challenge

We set up an ambitious main goal and application feature - to create an state of the art image recognition system that would have more then 99% recognition accuracy from the images photographed by the user. Challenge was to develop the Machine learning model, train it and deploy it so that it can handle multiple requests from the users at the same time. This also required a specially crafted UX design so the users would find it easy and enjoyable to use during their visit. As the location in set in Belgrade the app had to support both the English (for tourists) and Serbian (for locals) languages.

the process

Using the state of the art algorithms and models of Machine learning, we were able to come up with a image recognition system that correctly classified all of the images on display at the museum.

We did extensive testing before the opening to make sure everything was precise and accurate and also tested the performance overload multiple times.

User experience was of great importance for us so the UX team very carefully designed every screen to be clean, simple and informative - just like Tesla!

the result

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